Unsecured Business Lines of Credit

No-Nonsense Business Credit Lines

Getting business lines of credit can open up countless opportunities for your company. Business lines of credit will provide you 0% APR up to 18 months and capital amounts compared to a personal credit card. The amount you will spend on the business lines of credit won’t appear on your credit reports. So, you can maximize your cashflow without worrying about damaging your credit scores or to be qualified for a loan.

At Green Apple Funding, we provide unsecured business lines of credit for companies of any size. Reach your goals right away with financing you can trust.

Why Choose Unsecured Business Lines of Credit?

For many business owners, unsecured lines of credit are a better choice. This type of credit doesn’t require you to use any collateral to back the financing. You don’t need inventory, equipment, real estate, or other business assets as security. This ensures you’re never in danger of losing these important items, even if something unexpected comes up.

How Can Our Lines of Credit Help?

Depending on your company’s revenues, your business line of credit can be substantial enough to purchase equipment, expand your office, buy inventory at the best prices or take care of other needs. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Excellent interest rates
  • Introductory offers for business credit cards
  • Large credit caps
  • Lines of credit for startups
  • No obligations when pre-qualifying
  • No subprime rates

Business lines of credit give your company amazing flexibility come what may. To learn more about our business credit options, contact our team right away.

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