Stated Income Commercial Real Estate

Stick with Your Decision To Buy a Commercial Property for Your Business

Just because you get turned down for a loan doesn’t mean you have to give up on getting financing. In fact, many of the most important things in business require some persistence and hard work. The solution to obstacles is often to find a workaround that lets you reach your goals. The stated income commercial real estate financing from Green Apple Funding can make your dream of getting business property a reality.

Real Estate Financing for Businesses That Have Been Turned Down Before

The whole purpose of a stated income loan is to make it easy for small businesses and businesses with less-than-ideal credit to qualify for financing. If you’ve been turned down before because you don’t have the right credit score or enough collateral, stated income commercial real estate financing is a great solution:

  • Simple W-2 form or proof of self-employment needed
  • Average credit OK
  • Financing for virtually any property type
  • Great loan-to-value ratios
  • Excellent interest rates
  • Amortized loans with long repayment terms
  • No outside collateral required

The interest rates for stated income loans aren’t quite as low as a traditional loan, but they’re far easier to qualify for. You can get approved and close on your property in a short time.

Terms You Can Trust

This type of loan is popular with many businesses looking to purchase commercial property. One of the reasons is that the property itself acts as collateral. You don’t have to risk any business assets such as inventory or equipment.

You do need to have sufficient capital to cover the down payment, but with our great LTV ratios, purchasing property is well within reach of many businesses. The main requirement you have to meet is making sure the value of the property you’re buying is enough to cover the loan, interest, and any taxes or insurance needed.

We can help you get started or explain more about this modern financing solution. Contact us right away.