Equipment Financing

Introducing Modern Equipment Financing Solutions

Do you need equipment but not have great credit? At Green Apple Funding, we have your back. Our equipment financing programs can adapt to your company’s specific circumstances and provide the capital you need to keep growing. We even have financing solutions for startups and other businesses that don’t have existing credit.

Find the Equipment Loan That Fits Your Finances the Best

We provide a variety of equipment financing options. This makes it easier for your business to qualify and it gives you more flexibility when choosing terms. We don’t lock you into just one option; we let you select the financing that makes you feel most comfortable:

  • Business equipment and tools
  • Computer equipment
  • Middle market equipment
  • Large ticket items
  • Different payment structures
  • Many options for interest rates, terms and LTV ratios
  • Programs with low or no down payment

You get financing for the type of equipment you want, with the monthly payments you want and the terms you want. Some businesses prefer a long-term loan and others want the benefits of equipment leasing.

Use Sale & Lease Back Programs To Fund Business Expansion

Established business owners can also use owned equipment to cover financial needs. Our sale-and-lease-back program is an excellent option for companies with poor credit. It can give you significant financing for any business projects you have in mind:

  • Building a new warehouse
  • Expanding your office
  • Purchasing a company vehicle
  • Upgrading computer equipment
  • Investing in website development or advertising
  • Having working capital on hand for any need

Get Equipment Financing or Equipment Leasing for Your Startup

Our startup programs for financing and equipment leasing are flexible for new businesses. You can use your personal credit score instead of business credit. That’s good enough for us to back financing.

Contact us right away to learn more about these equipment financing programs and others. We can help you get financing that works for your goals.