Merchant Cash Advance

Give Your Cash Flow Stability With a Merchant Cash Advance

As an experienced business owner, you make great decisions for the health of your company. To make your goals a reality, however, you need capital. It’s frustrating to see opportunities and not be able to act on them due to slow cash flow. The solution may be a merchant cash advance from Green Apple Funding. With plenty of working capital, you can grow your business in smart ways.

MCA Financing With Excellent Terms

Our merchant cash advance program offers excellent interest rates and fast approval. The application process is simple, primarily requiring your business to have a merchant account with Visa, Discover, MasterCard, American Express, or another credit company. The loan provided is based on your average monthly credit card sales, not your business’s credit rating. Once you’re approved, you get your funds in roughly a week.

You can use the MCA loan for many business opportunities:

  • Equipment
  • Expansion
  • Advertising
  • Products
  • Website development
  • Hiring costs
  • Emergency needs

Merchant Cash Advance Options for Businesses With Cash Flow Issues

We know that many small businesses have less-than-ideal cash flow. After all, some of your customers don’t always pay on time. Having perfect credit isn’t required. You can get MCA financing even if you’ve been turned down for other loans. Contact us right away to get started.