Purchase Order Financing

Purchase Order Financing For Your Business

Purchase order financing could very well be the perfect type of funding for your company. In this type of financing, you sell your outstanding purchase orders directly to a financing company, and they pay you an immediate, up-front supply of cash slightly discounted to the total value of the purchase order lot.

Purchase order financing is particularly useful for those businesses that are involved with pre-sold goods. Third-party sellers, warehouses, importers, and web-based businesses are good candidates.

Here at Green Apple Funding, we can help you with your funding needs. We are experts in alternative financing for businesses. Purchase order financing is one of our more popular programs.

Why Obtain Purchase Order Financing From Us?

Here are a few reasons why you may find purchase order financing appealing:

  • You receive fast and flexible funding
  • Large customer orders can be quickly fulfilled
  • You have the money to add a new product line or grow the business in a new direction
  • You take on no debt

What’s more, this type of financing is available to companies that are just starting out or that have limited revenues.

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